Central Market’s Macaron (Plano)

With our macaron deficient in Dallas, leave it to Central Market to provide the goods. Just mosey down to the bakery and you’ll find six different flavors: vanilla, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, coffee, and pistachio. Their macarons aren’t made in-house but are shipped from France. I love how these little beauts look like miniature burgers. Actually, they’re … Continue reading

Cuisine 101: Macaron Characteristics

No, silly Americans, my spell check is on and I didn’t leave off the “i”… as much as I loooove macaroni nor did I leave off the “o” for coconut macaroons. We’re talking about the French macaron. The main ingredients of a macaron are made with sugar, egg whites, almond powder, and a filling, typically a type of cream … Continue reading