Smashburger (Addison)

Smashburger has been… well… for lack of a better pun… a smash hit here in the DFW. But literally speaking, Smashburger puts a ball of meat on their grill and smashes it to form a patty. Other than the art of smashing a patty, Smashburger prides themselves on fresh ingredients and customization. You can have it your way … Continue reading

Krispy Kreme (Greenville Avenue)

After my donut stint at Gourdough’s , I realized I hadn’t had a Krispy Kreme donut in awhile. Honestly, I never saw what the whole hoopla was behind it, but that’s probably because I was blessed with the Texas-born Shipley Do-Nuts. Now let’s be honest– the last time I had Krispy Kreme was when I thought Spaghetti O’s® meatballs were a real … Continue reading

Pluckers Wing Bar (The Original)

The idea for Pluckers came about circa 1991 in the dorm room of THE University of Texas.  Dave and Mark couldn’t find a good wing place in Austin that had dine-in, take-out, and delivery. After four years of testing sauce recipes and applying for loans, in 1995, their first wing restaurant was finally opened. Located in … Continue reading


Recommended for:  The Indulgent looking for an intense sugar coma. Gourdough’s Donuts was started by Paula Samford and Ryan Palmer frying dough right out of their kitchen. The donuts gained popularity amongst their friends so they decided to spread the love (and calories) with the rest of Austin by starting their donut shop out of a 1978 airstream trailer. … Continue reading