Outta the Oven (Las Colinas)

Outta the Oven is my pity friend. The first time we met, I didn’t really like her but I feel like giving her and her sister (Addison location) a second chance. I want to like her because it’s the only non-chain bakery around Las Colinas (where I live). The lunch entrees I had were average … Continue reading

Czech Stop

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll spare you of any Czech puns so feast your brains on these stats instead: 1,200 lbs of Cream Cheese,  9,000 lbs of flour, 750 gallons of milk, 2,400 lbs of butter 1,300 of sausage, 2,100 lbs of sausage 2,100 dozen eggs, and 2,500 lbs of American cheese.  And no… that’s not how … Continue reading