Glossary and Terms

Here’s a C for Cuisine guide to cuisine terms used in my blog. I’ll be adding to this as I have more posts.

Bolillo: savory bread traditional to Mexican cuisine derived from the baguette. Torpedo shaped with a slit on top (sometimes three slits), it has a crunchy crust and soft chewy center. C for Cuisine post with Bolillo here.

Bulgogi: a Korean dish, typically made of thin slices of barbeque beef but can be pork or chicken. It literally translates to “fire meat,” which refers to the cooking technique, over an open flame. It’s usually grilled or pancooked with garlic, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame oil. C for Cuisine posts with Bulgogi: here.

Galbi: (or kalbi) a Korean dish of marinated beef or pork. Translated literally as “rib.” C for Cuisine post with Galbi: here

Horchata: a sweet and cold milky beverage that’s made of sesame seeds, ground almonds, barley, rice, or tigernuts, depending on the region. In the US, we typically drink Mexican horchata which is made of rice milk, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla. C for Cuisine post with Horchata here

Orchata: see horchata.

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