Outta the Oven (Addison)

Outta the Oven in Addison made me eat my words. I wasn’t too pleased with my first Outta the Oven experience in Las Colinas (see here). Not being able to give up on this place, I went to their bakery in Addison to see if things were different.  Thank goodness I came, these cookies tasted like they … Continue reading

Smashburger (Addison)

Smashburger has been… well… for lack of a better pun… a smash hit here in the DFW. But literally speaking, Smashburger puts a ball of meat on their grill and smashes it to form a patty. Other than the art of smashing a patty, Smashburger prides themselves on fresh ingredients and customization. You can have it your way … Continue reading