Royal Bakery (Chinese)

Bakeries have a special place in my heart, not just because I have a sweet tooth. My parents owned Garden Bakery – a Chinese bakery where I spent many hours tying red wire twisties around pastry bags and stuffing my face full of egg tarts. Not until I was older did I realize how hard my dad … Continue reading

Mozart (Harry Hines)

Mozart Bakery and Cafe is a cute little cafe serving “Korean” pastries. Since most of the Mozarts are located near dense Korean populations and their employees are Korean, I only assume that this is a Korean-owned bakery. From what I’ve researched, most Korean bakeries serve french pastries with a Korean flair vs. Korean pastries with a Western flair. I don’t know much about … Continue reading

Central Market’s Macaron (Plano)

With our macaron deficient in Dallas, leave it to Central Market to provide the goods. Just mosey down to the bakery and you’ll find six different flavors: vanilla, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, coffee, and pistachio. Their macarons aren’t made in-house but are shipped from France. I love how these little beauts look like miniature burgers. Actually, they’re … Continue reading

Vivian’s Bakery

After lunch at Ajisen (here), I decided to go for some dessert at Vivian’s Bakery, located down the plaza, next to the large Chinese grocery store. If you’re American, don’t be too shy to go in, there are signs written in Engwish too 😉 But really, if you’ve never been to a Chinese bakery, you should try some … Continue reading

Cupcake Bliss

Wow, the cupcake scene has finally entered into the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area all thanks to Cupcake Bliss. *Applause* Cupcake Bliss philosphy: The “cake” is the most important part of the cupcake while the frosting enhances the cake flavors. Cupcakes should be light and fluffy but still hold intense flavors. So does her ying and yang theory translate … Continue reading

Outta the Oven (Las Colinas – Visit 2)

Outta the Oven is flaky – but not in that delicious pie crust kind of way, flaky as in inconsistent. This is my third visit (read my first review here and second here) and all three trips have been very different. During trip #1, the cookies were dry and stale; trip #2 the cookies were fresh and … Continue reading

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Katherine Clapner is the mastermind of Dude, Sweet Chocolate.  She’s been referred to as Willy Wonka… not the Gene Wilder chocolatier, mind you, but  more like Johnny Depp: dark, complex and artfully delightful. She’s the Quentin Tarentino of chocolatiers: unconventional and gutsy… one B.A.M.F.  She has the creativity to pair atypical flavors with chocolate and yet somehow it works: bleu cheese … Continue reading

Outta the Oven (Addison)

Outta the Oven in Addison made me eat my words. I wasn’t too pleased with my first Outta the Oven experience in Las Colinas (see here). Not being able to give up on this place, I went to their bakery in Addison to see if things were different.  Thank goodness I came, these cookies tasted like they … Continue reading

Shipley Do-nuts (Garland)

The two things Homer Simpson and I have in common: yellow skin* and an infatuation for donuts. I’ve been on a donut stint for awhile (proof and more proof) but haven’t been to one of my favorite donut shops in awhile- Shipley Do-nuts, so I decided to pay a long overdue visit. You know, just to make … Continue reading

Outta the Oven (Las Colinas)

Outta the Oven is my pity friend. The first time we met, I didn’t really like her but I feel like giving her and her sister (Addison location) a second chance. I want to like her because it’s the only non-chain bakery around Las Colinas (where I live). The lunch entrees I had were average … Continue reading