Royal Bakery (Chinese)

Bakeries have a special place in my heart, not just because I have a sweet tooth. My parents owned Garden Bakery – a Chinese bakery where I spent many hours tying red wire twisties around pastry bags and stuffing my face full of egg tarts. Not until I was older did I realize how hard my dad … Continue reading

Mozart (Harry Hines)

Mozart Bakery and Cafe is a cute little cafe serving “Korean” pastries. Since most of the Mozarts are located near dense Korean populations and their employees are Korean, I only assume that this is a Korean-owned bakery. From what I’ve researched, most Korean bakeries serve french pastries with a Korean flair vs. Korean pastries with a Western flair. I don’t know much about … Continue reading

Vivian’s Bakery

After lunch at Ajisen (here), I decided to go for some dessert at Vivian’s Bakery, located down the plaza, next to the large Chinese grocery store. If you’re American, don’t be too shy to go in, there are signs written in Engwish too 😉 But really, if you’ve never been to a Chinese bakery, you should try some … Continue reading


As part of my Richardson “Chinatown” adventures, my friend and I decided to come to Ajisen for a Wednesday lunch. (See my review for Chang Jing here). Located on the north corner of the strip as a stand alone restaurant, Ajisen. It’s home to Japanese casual dining but offers other types of Asian cuisine. The menu is quite lengthy: there’s ramen … Continue reading

Chang Jing

I haven’t had enough encounters with Korean cuisine (probably less than 10) but I’m planning to change that! Enter: Chang Jing. I’m not sure how authentic this place is but there were lots of Koreans coming for Wednesday lunch, so I assume it’s not the Panda Express of Korean food. It’s located in the small … Continue reading