Behind the C

Behind the C
C is not only for cuisine, cookies, cakes, and cream… but C is also for Claire (the author of the blog).

What is C for Cuisine?
A Dallas food blog run by a small girl with a big appetite. I am by no means a critic or a writer… I’m just here to share what I’ve eaten and what I’ve learned.

Hopefully this blog will be informative.  There’s more to food than tastes. Behind every dish is history, science, art and even personal memoirs to uncover.

On Food…
I’m not claiming to know food but I am studying it. So if you have a thing or two to teach me, just comment! As much as I love feeding my stomach, my mind needs food too!

Food is personal. Everyone has their own opinion and what might tickle my tastebuds, may not tickle yours. I mean, as sophisticated as their palates are, c’mon, Anthony Bourdain’s guilty pleasure is KFC’s mac n cheese, Thomas Keller loves hotdogs, Alex Guarnaschelli loves cheese doodles (cheetos), and well, I hate cheetos.

On Comments…
I like to feed my tummy as well as my mind, so through my food experiences, I want to learn as well. I welcome all constructive criticism and recommendations. This blog is a place where readers should educate me on cuisine. If I say something inaccurate, please let me know. Please comment on my posts if there’s anything you want to teach me!

Alter Ego (everyone has one, what’s yours?)
I have a confession to make… my alter ego is a gym junkie. Although I love indulgent food, I also love healthy foods and I love a big fresh crispy salad.

On Sweets…
I have a soft spot (both literally and figuratively) for sweets. The greatest downfall of sweets is that it can be too sweet sometimes. I love a good cookie but if it’s packed with sugar, I can’t taste anything else. Being too sweet is definitely a turnoff – for both cookies and guys.

… And despite what you think… NO. I don’t get free food.


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