Pecan Lodge BBQ

My ideal Sunday –church service followed by great BBQ:  a good ol’ cup of Jesus in the morning and a sloppy plate of TX BBQ in the afternoon. God bless Texas and God bless Pecan Lodge’s BBQ

Burnt ends: They’re a staple with Kansas City BBQ and quite a rare find on your TX BBQ menu but Pecan Lodge Catering does offer up some intense smokey ends.  Similar to most BBQ joints, their brisket is divided into two parts: flat (lean meat) and point (fatty meat). The points are preserved and basted with marinade until they’re readyto be resmoked and enjoyed on Sunday by all. I use the term “all” very loosely because they do sell out.

Originating in Kansas City’s world famous BBQ joint, Arthur Bryant’s, burnt ends were almost treated as a by-product. They sat in a pile next to the meat slicer and free of charge*. Burnt ends, or “brownies” in BBQ-speak, gained such a following that customers demanded them at other BBQ joints. In the ’70s, they gained national recognition by a Playboy article**.

From my this experience, PL serves the meat brownies on Sundays when the clock strikes one (double check for serving times on twitter or facebook before you go). And I really do emphasize when the clock strikes one. I prematurely placed my burnt end order at 12:56 but they politely asked me to come back in 4 minutes to re-order my burnt ends. Oh well, I just ordered a dessert brownie and cookie as an appetizer to eat while I counted down the minutes until it was officially 1:00PM.






Pecan Lodge is known for BBQ, but honestly, theses tumbleweeds are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had.  Honestly, I’m hesitant to use superlative claims, but PL’s tumbleweeds are in the running for a “best ever” title. It’s a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, and pretzels. The pretzels seal the deal, providing a nice crunchy salty contrast to the sweet chewy cookie. It’s so good I had to order another one for my official dessert.  


BBQ plate + green chile mac ‘n cheese. The mac and cheese is thick and creamy with a pleasant green chile flavor. Their moist tender meats are smoked with mesquite wood.


Hot Mess
: Sweet potato topped with barbacoa, chipotle cream, cheese, butter and green onions. Hot mess via Lindsay Lohan = disgusting. Hot mess via Pecan Lodge= disgustingly delicious.


The quality of general burnt ends are debatable amongst BBQ enthusiasts. Some believe they’re repulive residuals while others claim they’re delectable delicacies. I agree with the latter although I can understand why the intense smokey flavors can be a bit bothersome *coughforthepansiescough.*



Be sure to follow @PecanLodge on twitter or facebook for burnt ends and other BBQ updates.

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* The Grand Barbecue: A Celebration of History, Places, Personalities and Techniques of Kansas City Barbecue by Doug Worgul. As for what I could research, there isn’t much debate on the “origins” of how burnt ends became popular, but if you know of any other stories, please indulge me.
**Serious Eats

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