Central Market’s Macaron (Plano)

With our macaron deficient in Dallas, leave it to Central Market to provide the goods. Just mosey down to the bakery and you’ll find six different flavors: vanilla, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, coffee, and pistachio. Their macarons aren’t made in-house but are shipped from France.

I love how these little beauts look like miniature burgers. Actually, they’re about 1 1/4 inch in diameter.

In my previous post, I discussed the characteristics of the “perfect” macaron here. But how do these little Frenchies measure against my new “standards”?

Overall, these macarons have a smooth and glossy shell with pretty little ruffled feet that don’t protrude too much from the circumference of the cookie…good. The meringue part is a bit crunchy from the outter shell but have a soft, light cake-light center. Crunchiness, not so good.

Whether or not these are macarons or macawrongs, I’m not quite certain since I haven’t had enough macarons to test but one thing is for certain, they’re pretty tasty.



Vanilla Macaron ($1.29)
– Not too sweet.
– There’s a slight nutty taste from the almond powder.
– The vanilla taste is delicate but discernible.
– The filling is a creamy butter texture with traces of ground vanilla bean.








Lemon Macaron ($1.29)
– The lemon taste is pretty strong but not very tart.
– Sweet but not overpowering.
– The taste and crunchiness is reminiscent of a yellow fruit loop
– There’s very little filling inside. I could barely see it when I bit into it.

Pistachio Macaron ($1.29)
– It’s not overly sweet.
– There’s a slight nutty pistachio taste that blends well with the almond powder. 







Raspberry Macaron ($1.29)
{C for Cuisine favorite}
– *Le sigh* I love this one!
– The cookie itself doesn’t contain any of the raspberry flavor but the raspberry jam carries all the flavor.
– The tartness plays well with the delicate textures.

Chocolate Macaron ($1.29)
– Topped with cacao nibs and not overly sweet.
– The tastes and textures remind me a lot of a cake-like brownie.
– It’s one of richest of the six flavors with a decadent fudge center.
– My least favorite of the 6



 Coffee Macaron ($1.29)
– The filling is rich and creamy, probably the sweetest of all 6.
– The coffee flavor is really strong.
– Tastes more like a café au lait than espresso, with a hint of a caramel note.

C for Cuisine visit: March 3, 2011

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