Outta the Oven (Addison)

Outta the Oven in Addison made me eat my words. I wasn’t too pleased with my first Outta the Oven experience in Las Colinas (see here). Not being able to give up on this place, I went to their bakery in Addison to see if things were different.  Thank goodness I came, these cookies tasted like they were straight from the oven this time.

When I went to the Las Colinas bakery, the Hello Dollies looked dry but not so at the Addison location. By the looks of things, their Dollies are moist and chewy. I didn’t order it this time because  I’m not a huge fan of Dollies (my husband made me order it in Las Colinas, so I blame him for the bad experience). If you do get a chance to their Dollies at either location, let me know how it is.

In general, the cookies here are thinner, crisper, and fresher. I’m more of a chewy gooey cookie type of gal but these are pretty tasty cookies and it all depends on what you enjoy – crispy vs. chewy cookies. It’s like crunchy vs. smooth peanut butter.

This location is still girly but a bit nicer than Las Colinas-  there are mirrors all around to make evoking a European cafe style but the color scheme remains kitsch Barney magenta. I’m not sure why the Addison bakery isn’t listed on the website, it’s been opened for about a year now. If you’d like to pay this place a visit, it’s on the northeast corner of Beltline Road and Dallas North Tollway, in between Blue Mesa and the 24 Hour Fitness Gym.

The verdict: Although Outta the Oven isn’t good enough to be an outta body experience (cheesy, huh?), the cookies I tried were pretty tasty. For me, the highlight of the four items I tried is the Neiman Marcus cookie, which resulted in a *happy dance* but its not even the same type of cookie as tthe signature Neiman Marcus cookie we’ve all come to know and love.

Beverly Hills ($1.00)
White chocolate chips, macadamia nut, and chopped pecans
– Golden, buttery, thin, moist
– Lots of pecans. Really nutty from the chopped pecans.
– It’s not exactly salty but it’s slightly saltier than your average cookie and saltier than the other two cookies in this review.  The white chocolate chips come to the rescue as it sweetens it up the cookie a bit.
– Although not a shortbread, it’s slightly reminiscent of Sandie cookies because of the crunchy texture, saltiness, and abundance of pecans
– I wish there were more white chocolate chips



Chocolate Dream (pictured right) and Neiman Marcus (pictured left)

Chocolate Dream Cookie ($1.00)
Chocolate cookie with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar
– It isn’t as dryas the one in Las Colinas . It’s a bit crispy on the outside.
– Chocolatey and not too sweet
– I would have liked to see more cocoa percentage or higher quality chocolate… after all it is called a Chocolate Dream. It’s a good cookie but with a name like Chocolate Dream, I would think it could cure my chocolate cravings… but I’m sad to say it doesn’t. It makes me dream of something chocolater instead.

Neiman Marcus Cookie ($1.00)
golden raisins, cranberry, coconut, oatmeal
– My favorite of the 3 cookies although I was a bit misled. Because of the name, I was thinking this would be the beloved Neiman Marcus signature chocolate chip cookie. The signature Neiman Marcus cookie uses chocolate chips and espresso powder, nothing this cookie posesses.
– I love the addition of coconut, there’s quite a bit in there but it’s blends well with the flavors. You’re left muching on pieces of coconut long after the cookie is consumed.
–  Golden crunchy outer shell but still chewy with a rough texture
– The flavors are nutty. The raisins and cranberries give this cookie a nice sweetness and tang
– When breaking the cookie, you can hear a nice moist sticky sound
– I think they may use some light brown sugar in this cookie mix because of the color and the slight molasses flavor

Strawberry Cake Ball ($ 1.50)
Strawberry cake ball encased in royal icing, dusted with clear sprinkles
Caveat: I’m not a fan of cake balls. The consistency is too playdoughy for me. Brings back preschool memories of eating glue, crayons, and playdough.
– It’s the least desirable of the four items reviewed but not because I don’t like cake balls. There was an overwhelming fermented yeasty flavor that hits your tongue, it tasted sour as if it had gone bad. You will be better off making strawberry cake balls from a box than ordering these.



C for Cuisine visits:
January 31, 2011 (Las Colinas location – blogged about here)
February 21, 2011 (Addison location)
Outta the Oven Bakery, Cafe on Urbanspoon

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