Shipley Do-nuts (Garland)

The two things Homer Simpson and I have in common: yellow skin* and an infatuation for donuts. I’ve been on a donut stint for awhile (proof and more proof) but haven’t been to one of my favorite donut shops in awhile- Shipley Do-nuts, so I decided to pay a long overdue visit. You know, just to make sure this place is still delicious.

Shipley claims they’ve been “making life delicious since 1936,” and that’s the truth. They  sell your typical old fashioned glazed donuts, cake donuts, cake donuts, filled donuts, bear claws, and sausage  kolaches too. Although, as big of a Shipley fan I am, I’m sad to say I’m not a fan of their sausage kolaches, Czech Stop set the benchmark for savory kolaches as you can see here.  

My favorites here are the original glazed and the Strawberry glazed. The original glazed tastes like one of the best glazed donuts you’ve had in your life and the strawberry is fun and fruity. The strawberry glaze is reminescent of the strawberry flavor from the strawberry cake mix de la Pillsbury.

As for Shipley do-nut textures: pillowy, soft, and melt-in-your-mouth. Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my keyboard. I’ll just show you how airy and light they are:

Bird’s eye view:

The million dollar shot of the air pillows floating in the dough:


30poruiedjklmx,12394u .. OH!… sorry… I’m having trouble typing. Sticky donut glazed fingers = sticky keyboards. Do your mouth a favor and find your nearest Shipley.

C for Cuisine visit: February 14, 2011

Shipley do-Nut Shop on Urbanspoon

*Yep kids, I have yellow skin. I’m Chinese, but Homer isn’t.

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