Outta the Oven (Las Colinas)

Outta the Oven is my pity friend. The first time we met, I didn’t really like her but I feel like giving her and her sister (Addison location) a second chance. I want to like her because it’s the only non-chain bakery around Las Colinas (where I live). The lunch entrees I had were average but I hate that the cookies were stale.

They serve your typical baked goods, custom cakes, sandwiches, salads, soups, and quiches. If you’re wanting a homemade casserole for dinner tonight, they have ready-to-go refrigerated casseroles that you can pick up. The decor is a cutesy and girly with lots of white, mint green, and magenta – definitely a place for lunching with the ladies and kid friendly too, which would clearly explain theirkitsch choice of decor colors: Barney magenta and mint green. The price points of their sandwiches and wraps are a bit high for lunch, ranging from $8-$9, but it comes with a side of chips or fruit salad and a mini (and I mean really mini) muffin.

I went to the Las Colinas location for Monday lunch. Just know that there’s another location in Addison that isn’t listed on their website (on the southeast corner of Beltline and the Tollway). I wasn’t able to try a variety of their lunch options so I won’t make a blanket statement about their entrees, but as for desserts, “Outta the Oven” is a misnomer. I had three baked goods and none of them tasted like they were “out of the oven,” they were all dry and stale. The cookies didn’t result with my *happy food dance*

I admit, I’m making some bold and harsh statements on their baked goods so to be fair, I do owe this place another visit to try more desserts. So as my pity friend, I want to give Outta the Oven a second chance. Although I didn’t like you, I’ll be back for more.

**Update: My second Outta the Oven experience here, My third experience here**







Chicken Apple Walnut Panini ($8.25)
Chicken breast, swiss cheese, caramelized apples, walnuts with maple cider vinaigrette on your choice of white, wheat or whole grain
Served warm with a generous amount of chicken and chunks of apples. The ratio of chicken to apples is 1:1.  

+ Several layers of flavors: buttery cheese, tart sweet apples, tangy vinaigrette,  nuttiness from walnut
+ Texture: soft melted creamy cheese with crunchy walnuts
+ The bread was grilled to a nice crunchy crisp
– There is almost too much apple, its sweetness overpowered the chicken. Paired with so much apple, chicken was underseasoned but when I sprinkled some salt on there, there was a better balance of flavors and the walnuts and chicken flavors were enhanced.
= Apples are cooked so that they’re a bit soft and had a crispy bite to them. Cooking the apples definitely brought out its natural sweetness.
= The sides are pretty average: The potato chips are standard kettle cooked chips (not made in-house). The mini muffin is munchkin sized. It’s not too sweet and a bit shy in flavor compared to most carrot muffins. It’s a thoughtful touch to add a muffin on the side, but it’s not so delicious that I wish to have basketfuls.






Santa Fe Chicken Wrap ($8.95)
Chicken breast, jack cheese, corn, lettuce, tomatoes with ranch dressing served with fresh fruit

I didn’t have enough to make a detailed post about this but what the wrap is pretty your pretty average wrap with a nice amount of meat. Nothing to die for or craveable.
+ I like the addition of corn to sweeten the flavors. I didn’t have enough to figure out if the corn was fresh or not.
= When it comes to dressing, I’m a minimalist. Um, excuse me, I was referring to dressing as in the sauce, not clothes. I’m not a huge fan of lots of sauce, I feel like the oversaucing dishes just masks the taste of the ingredients.  Dressings and sauces should be used like salt, it should enhance the flavor but it shouldn’t be the star ingredient. The pictures make it look like the wrap was drenched in ranched, but it wasn’t.
+ Fruits are fresh and sweet.
+ I LOVE the fruit dip. In this particular instance, I was not so minimalistic with the sauce. I had no problem globbing it on my fruit. The dip is full of strawberry flavor, sweet, and tart. I’m pretty certain it is a cream cheese base but wouldn’t be surprised if it was yogurt instead.












Tortilla Soup (Cup – $3.25)
Chicken breast, tomatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and squash with a slice of avocado and tortilla chips
Nice and chunky, generous with the ingredients with a bit of a kick.

+ Homemade vegetable soup
= Not outstanding but not awful. Pretty forgetful and average soup.
This is really picky of me but… I don’t agree with the execution here. The cheese should have been melted and the chips should have been in smaller pieces since the bowl was so small.

– Chicken was alright, not too tender, more chewy. It didn’t taste like it had been cooked slowly in the broth to let all juices marinate the meat.


Hello Dolly ($2.50)
Cookie layer bar with pecans, chocolate, coconut, caramel
Hello Dollys (HD) are usually too sweet for me and make me pucker my lips but this one is not overly sweet

= It’s quite large, about 4”x4” but then again, this cookie is $2.50. With the same $2.50, I could order two double stacks from Wendy’s value menu and have half a dollar to keep (just kidding!).
– I did not notice the dusty topping on the HD. I get too happy when I order desserts and didn’t even notice the telltale sign of staleness when I saw the HD through the glass counter. I wouldn’t have ordered it if I did. But maybe it’s a good thing because now I know to look more carefully!
Most HD bars I’ve had are chewy, they stick to your teeth and stay there for the rest of the day. When you try to break a HD, it’s usually hard to pull apart because it’s so gooey. This HD didn’t do any of that: it’s really dry and crumbly and snaps like a twig when you try to break it.
– The only reason why I’d re-order this is too see if it’s always this dry


Granola Sensation Cookie ($1.00)
Granola cookie with cranberries and lemon zest
= Crispy in texture
– Dry, crumbly, and stale
– Not enough lemon zest





Chocolate Dream Cookie ($1.00)
= Dry, crunchy, and stale
+ Chocolatey without being sweet






Cuisine: American, bakery, lunch

C for Cuisine visits:
January 31, 2011
February 21, 2011 (Addison location; blogged about here)

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