Czech Stop

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll spare you of any Czech puns so feast your brains on these stats instead: 1,200 lbs of Cream Cheese,  9,000 lbs of flour, 750 gallons of milk, 2,400 lbs of butter 1,300 of sausage, 2,100 lbs of sausage 2,100 dozen eggs, and 2,500 lbs of American cheese.  And no… that’s not how much food I’ve eaten in the past year. It’s hard to imagine these numbers come from a mom and pop Czech bakery in a town of less than 2,700 people. And folks, these numbers are based per week.  

Along Interstate 35, about an hour south of Dallas is a little town, West, known for its dominant Czech heritage and the Czech Stop. Czech’s Stop’s convenient location off of the highway makes it a great pitstop for roadtrips. Czech Stop serves a plethera of brownies, cookies, baked goods, sandwiches, sausages, and more. The real items to “czech” out are their kolaches. They have about 20 different options to choose from.

I’ve been here several times before and there’s always a good amount of people line up no matter what time of day you stop by. During this particularly visit, it was about 2:30PM on a Sunday and there was still a line for the bakery. It’s particularly busy during long weekends, spring break and winter break from all the vacationers and students traveling on I-35. If the crowd is really large in the main bakery, there’s another store connected right next door to the right that serves the same baked goods. 

After eating 3 gargantuan donuts from Gourdough’s, I was really hungover from all the sugar and was in dire need of a detox. I don’t know about you, but my favorite remedy is salt. Their sweet pastries are quite delicious but since I was in a sugar coma, I just had to pass. You’ll just have to wait for a future post on the sweet stuff. I’ll have an addition post on this place by summer time, I promise — Foodies Honor. For now, let’s just going to concentrate on some savory options.

As far as flavor goes, I like meats that are flavored more with herbs and would love to see more seasoning with the meats, but that’s just a personal preference.  The overall flavor of the kolaches is great.









Sausage and Cheese Kolache

+ The bread was fresh and soft, a bit sweet with a golden exterior.
+ The cheese was melted perfectly around the sausage.
+ There’s a good ratio of sausage to bread. I hate when I’m left with a huge chunk of bread and no meat left.
= The sausage flavors were salty and had a bit of a kick. I wish it had more spiciness but that’s nothing a good splash of Tobasco® can’t cure.



Breakfast Patty and Cheese Kolache


I was trying to take a picture of this in a moving car and things got a bit blurry. This picture really doesn’t do it justice.

+ The bread was really good: fresh, soft, and a bit sweet.
+  I love how the cheese is encased around the patty
+ A great breakfast version of a burger
+ Textures are soft and melts in your mouth
= Personally, I like my breakfast patty bold and flavorful with lots of pepper and sage but this was a bit mild for my liking. It’s still tasty nonetheless.

Olive Bread (new item)
+ Mmmm… this was really delicious. It was baked to a golden brown color, soft and airy.
+ Lots of olive oil flavor: fruity, earthy, nutty and sweet
+ All the olive oil just melts in your mouth while you chew softly on the bread
+ I actually got home and decided to toast this for my breakfast and I like it even better toasted. The toasting intsensified the olive oil flavor. I recommend using this to make a grilled cheese or dipping it in a cup of hot soup.
– I wish there were more olives inside the bread instead of just on top




C for Cuisine’s last visit: January 23, 2011
Cuisine: Czech, bakery, casual dining

Czech Stop

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