• C is for cuisine, cocktails, and Claire (your's truely). I'm not a food critic or writer -I'm just here to share my food and what I learn about food with you all. PS: If you have something about food to teach me, leave a comment. I love feeding my brain as well as my stomach. Cheers!

Pecan Lodge BBQ

My ideal Sunday –church service followed by great BBQ:  a good ol’ cup of Jesus in the morning and a sloppy plate of TX BBQ in the afternoon. God bless Texas and God bless Pecan Lodge’s BBQ.  Burnt ends: They’re a staple with Kansas City BBQ and quite a rare find on your TX BBQ menu but Pecan … Continue reading

Royal Bakery (Chinese)

Bakeries have a special place in my heart, not just because I have a sweet tooth. My parents owned Garden Bakery – a Chinese bakery where I spent many hours tying red wire twisties around pastry bags and stuffing my face full of egg tarts. Not until I was older did I realize how hard my dad … Continue reading

The Cedars Social (Brunch)

 The Cedars Social opened about a month ago and thanks to a little social media birdy, I was alerted that the swanky 1970s cocktail den would debut its brunch last Saturday. Here’s a little foodporn to excite your breakfast sausage:      Marmalade Collins (pictured left)      The fluffy ephemeral Red Tomato Omelette will bring out your inner Wylie Dufresne egg fetish.     … Continue reading

The French Laundry

I had the blessing of dining at The French Laundry back in December 2008. Updates on the food description to come…       (white truffles from Alba atop gnocchi)  

The Grape Restaurant

The Grape opened in 1972 and was the first restaurant in Dallas to offer a blackboard menu as well as one of the first to offer wines by the glass. In 2007, the Greenville Avenue institution was acquired by returning chef, Brian Luscher and his wife and General Manager Courtney. Over the years The Grape’s employee list that reads … Continue reading

James Beard Texas nominees

It’s March 21, and we all know what that means… yeah yeah, it’s the first day of spring but more importantly James Beard Foundation nominees have been announced! First I was really excited to see some Dallas hot spots as JBF semifinalists; unfortunately, none of those made it to nominees list. *Cries* I’m collecting my tears of … Continue reading

Neopolitan Pizza: Cuisine 101

In Napoli, where food is king, when girl meets pizza here’s what she’ll say: When the food hits your tongue like a thin pizza crust that’s amore! Alright, so C for Cuisine remix doesn’t have the same ring to it… but, I traveled Italy for 6 weeks and ever since, I’ve been in amore with the Neapolitan Pizza. … Continue reading

Mozart (Harry Hines)

Mozart Bakery and Cafe is a cute little cafe serving “Korean” pastries. Since most of the Mozarts are located near dense Korean populations and their employees are Korean, I only assume that this is a Korean-owned bakery. From what I’ve researched, most Korean bakeries serve french pastries with a Korean flair vs. Korean pastries with a Western flair. I don’t know much about … Continue reading

El Paisa

El Paisa is a very unassuming little restaurant with bars in the front and a bar in the back; a literal double entente. There’s metal bars in front of their windows and a little bar serving drinks at the back.   It looks as if it’s just a small mom and pop store but I was … Continue reading

Central Market’s Macaron (Plano)

With our macaron deficient in Dallas, leave it to Central Market to provide the goods. Just mosey down to the bakery and you’ll find six different flavors: vanilla, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, coffee, and pistachio. Their macarons aren’t made in-house but are shipped from France. I love how these little beauts look like miniature burgers. Actually, they’re … Continue reading